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TV Appearances

Mitchell Dental Spa on CLTV

Mitchell Dental Spa was featured on CLTV’s program, Living Healthy Chicago. This feature shows the many spa amenities and treatments available at our office. Dr. Margaret Mitchell discusses her focus on patient care and making patients enjoy their dental experience rather than fearing them.

Mitchell Dental Spa on CNN

Mitchell Dental Spa was featured on CNN for the spa-like amenities and treatments we provide. CNN warns that patients should ensure they are receiving quality dental care in addition to a wonderful spa experience. Our luxury dental care can help you feel more comfortable and relaxed while receiving precision dental treatment.

Teeth Whitening on CNN

Watch CNN’s feature on teeth whitening candidacy. Dr. Margaret Mitchell was interviewed by CNN about the advantages and disadvantages of over-the-counter products, excessive bleaching, and other issues. Dr. Mitchell helps patients determine the best options for them.

Mitchell Dental Spa on ABC Nightline

ABC Nightline reports on the many perks available at Mitchell Dental Spa. Our comfortable office provides precision dental care and complimentary spa treatments. Dr. Margaret Mitchell created our spa-like environment to help patients feel more comfortable and more apt to attend their dental appointments.

Mitchell Dental Spa on the Today Show

The ADA says one in four patients avoid going to the dentist. Spa dentistry, available at Mitchell Dental Spa, helps patients feel more comfortable during their appointments. Our massages, champagne, and other amenities make patients’ visits more comfortable than they could imagine.